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Posh Babies

Posh Babies is an Infant & Toddler Specialty store that strives to offer parents the safest infant and toddler products available. Posh Babies has a brick and mortar store in Westerville, Ohio in addition to 2 online stores for domestic US shoppers.

Posh Babies Commitment to Quality & Safety

The owner and founder of Posh Babies still personally researches, and selects each product to be offered through Posh Babies exclusive gallery collection of products. selects all products to be offered as part of the Posh Babies Gallery Collection. Posh Babies stands behind their commitment to offering products made with the safety of your child in mind.

Posh Babies Business Partners & Affiliates

The true core of Posh Babies centers on building relationships with like minded small businesses, individuals, and manufactures dedicated to providing infant and toddler products with your child's safety in mind. Posh Babies seeks to offer parents products that have been through the extensive safety and testing required to earn the stamp of approval by JPMA for safety and quality.