Choosing Safe Toys for Infants & Children

Choosing Safe Toys for Infants & Children

Selecting toys for children is not as easy as it looks. Safety of toys has gone beyond the simple glance at a toy; considering if your child can use the toy without injury. Savvy parents have turned to higher standards for the toys selected for their children. The good news is that Companies have responded to parents concerns on the safety of children's toys. There are now Manufacturers dedicated to providing non toxic toys down to the actual packing.

How do you look for safe toys? Choosing safe toys for children, is not as easy as one thinks. The concept of reading labels; now common practice for shopping for foods, is the key. Read the back of the package of a toy to look for recognized certifications toys for infants and children requires a review of what to look for in children's toys classified as "Organic" and "Natural."

The demand for safer toys for children has seen a significant rise over the last several years, but certification of "toys" specifically is still a little murky. Until the industry catches up with developing specific criteria for certification of toys; you are left to evaluate product materials in search of safer toys. There are a few basic things to look for, to help you get started.

Natural or Organic toys often tend to be made of fabric, wool, and wood. This alone does not qualify it to be "safer." Anyone can take a natural product and add chemicals, dyes, and toxic materials to it. As fabric is very common in Organic toys; there are certification for Organic Cotton. The are worldwide standards for the certification of Organic Cotton. Toys and Clothing certified organic often are labeled with "GOTS" certified. A rigorous certification by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Read more about the GOTS Certifcation process in my other posts.

What next? Chemicals and Dyes. A natural or organic toy that has any color to it, should raise the question of what was used to alter the color of the product. Many paints are obviously quite toxic to children; especially babies who put toys in their mouth. Companies dedicated to creating natural toys will use dyes from natural substances. Natural Plant dyes are often used for natural toys instead of toxic paint.
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