Posted September 11 2016

There is no doubt that Organic and Natural products are driving the market for infant and toddler products. I know many parents go with the basic purchasing guide of "Organic is Good" so I should buy it. There is actually a great deal to learn about Organic and natural products. Organic Clothing has become very popular over the last several years, and new brands continue to emerge everyday.

So, why do we buy organic clothing? Research has linked many chemical toxins from dyes, manufacturing, and even packaging to many childhood illnesses and disorders. I have provided a link below to get into the specifics of specific toxins and related findings. Parents of course want to provide the safest products for their babies, so here are a few basic guidelines to look for when shopping for Organic Baby Clothing.

Look for Third Party Certifications. For Organic Cotton; you are looking for USA certification that supports the fabric is Organic. There are several organizations that provide this certification, but the one most are familiar with is "The Global Organic Textile Standard" known as GOTS. The same goes for clothing reporting natural dyes. Don't be afraid to read labels or ask questions about the products you are buying for your baby. This is the first of many times in your child's life that you are watching out for their safety and well-being.

Parents need to take into stride that everyday we are learning about good and bad outcomes of changes in products for children. You can essentially say that we are learning as we go along, so never feel bad about not providing natural or organic products to your children when you never really knew anything about them.

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